DIY Legal Advocacy- How To Protect Your Rights Under Your Forest Service Permit

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The statutes, regulations and policies that control a Forest Service permit are extensive.  And many permit holders simply cannot afford the cost of hiring an attorney to address each issue that arises under their permits which may be controlled by the laws or agency’s policies.  In many cases, a permittee has no choice but to act as its own lawyer.  To do so effectively, a permittee needs to know the legal rules and agency policy provisions that apply to its particular situation.

We have made that task a lot easier for permittees.  On our website’s Concessioner’s Toolbox, you’ll find the key statutes, regulations and agency policy provisions that apply to Forest Service recreation permits.  The statutes include the Forest Service’s Organic Act (which gives the agency its basic charter), the Term Permit Act of 1915 (which authorizes privately owned structures on Forest System lands), the Ski Area Permit Act of 1986 and the Granger-Thye Act (which authorizes private company’s use of government-owned structures.  The regulations include Part 251 of 36 CFR, which is the primary section of regulations that apply to special use permits.  And we have put together a comprehensive index of the Forest Service’s internal policy manual, with links to the agency’s website where the full policy manual is set out.

As always, if you need any help in locating authorities that may be of assistance to your particular situation, please give us a call.

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