Lawsuit Filed Challenging Tahoe National Forest Decision To Allow E-bikes On Trails

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A lawsuit was recently filed challenging the decision by the Tahoe National Forest to allow e-bikes on non-motorized trails in the forest.  The plaintiffs’ argue that the decision should have been promulgated pursuant to the Forest Service’s Travel Management Rule because e-bikes are motor vehicles.  Therefore, the proposed rule should have first gone through appropriate public notice and comment as well as an environmental analysis.

The plaintiffs assert that the decision to open trails to e-bikes will result in many trails currently designated for pack and saddle stock use to become unfit for that use and less desirable for equestrians.  They also assert that they will be harmed by the use of e-bikes on trails where a non-motorized experience is anticipated.  Plaintiffs are seeking an order from the court stating that the decision to allow e-bikes on non-motorized trails in the Tahoe National Forest without first providing public notice, comment and an environmental review, is contrary to law.

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