Some Terrific New Videos Marketing National Forests

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The USDA Forest Service has placed on its website several extremely well-made videos which showcase not just the beauty of the National Forests, but the splendor of recreating in them.  The videos highlight visitors engaged in rafting, fishing, hunting, riding, guiding- virtually everything that can be done in a National Forest.  The videos use aerial photography to provide “a visually stunning journey through” National Forests.

The video It’s All Yours” highlights the fact that the public itself owns our National Forests.  In addition, there are also videos at the YourForestsYour” website that focus on the Flathead National Forest, Dixie National Forest, Bridger-Teton National Forest and Black Hills National Forest.




Some of the videos were funded in part by local tourism groups, such as Travel Wyoming, Kalispell Montana, Visit Utah and the South Dakota Department of Tourism.  If you operate in any of these Forests, you may want to post a link to these videos on your website and promote them in social media.  If you do not have a similar video highlighting the National Forest where you operate as well as your operations, you may want to consider contacting your local tourism agency and pursuing a similar effort.


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