About the Firm

Your Government counsel.™

Thorough knowledge/straight talk

We are a law firm that has thorough knowledge of the law that applies to your situation and gives you common-sense, straight-talk advice and assistance that puts your interest first.

Tailored legal assistance that doesn’t waste your money

The Garden Law Firm is a highly focused law firm providing experienced legal assistance that is focused on getting results.  Our extensive knowledge allows us to get right to the heart of the matter, and we eliminate any learning curve because we know what laws apply to your situation.

Long-term relationships built on trust

Our firm has been built on providing legal services that build long-lasting partnerships with our clients.  Our work ethic along with honest and skilled advice establishes trust.  Establishing a relationship with us is like having your own, or an additional, in-house counsel because we always put the client’s interest first and foremost, as it should be.

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