Forest Service Issues Proposed Directive For Agency Management of Concessioner Sites In Shoulder Seasons

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The U.S. Forest Service recently issued a proposed directive that addresses how the Forest Service should operate and maintain developed recreation sites, “including Forest Service operation of a concession site during a shoulder season.”  The proposed directive states that when the agency operates a concessioner site during a shoulder season, District Rangers must prepare operation and maintenance plans and should consider pre-operation safety inspections as well as hazard tree surveys.  The proposed guidance does not address how the agency should coordinate its actions with the existing concessioner, or the agency’s responsibility for any damages to the area which may occur during the agency’s operations.  The guidance also discusses the agency’s use of volunteers to operate the sites and the need for the agency to charge fees, including through  In addition to addressing concessioner operated sites, the guidance applies to non-concession recreation sites operated by the agency.

A copy of the proposed directive and the ability to comment are found at

Comments are due by August 10, 2020.

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